A radio column, by me

I’m excited to tell you that already twice this month I’ve been on Dutch Radio 1 with a column about news, tips and tricks on the internet. New Dutch broadcasting organization PowNed has invited me to make a column for the weekly late-night radio-show ‘Echte Jannen‘.

For those of you who understand Dutch:you can tune in every Sunday night between 24:00 and 02:00 hours or listen to the past show here at radio 1. (Pick 0:00h on Mondays at the ’terugluisteren op tijd’ option.) PowNed is a broadcasting organization that wants to make programs aimed at the ‘network generation’, a generation that by the way does not let itself describe by a single age-group or other demographic. It’s television and radio programs as well as it’s website hope to fulfill the need for quick, fast and raw information. I’m very happy that they’ve offered me the chance to get on the radio and tell my story about what I believe has been important online in the past week or so.

More information, again in Dutch, can be found at Wikipedia about PowNed in general and the show ‘Echte Jannen‘ in particular. (I figure you understand that my column is named ‘Ctrl Alt Delete’.) Or follow the twitter account here.