Community Manager Appreciation Day

It is a bit strange of course to have a specific day to appreciate someones job. Shouldn’t everyone always (try) to make a good effort at doing ones job and shouldn’t we always appreciate our colleagues who do? Then again, these kind of “appreciation days” do make a good point. Quite often, various roles in organizations get neglected, more than often these are support roles as they only seem to cost us money and don’t bring any direct revenue. Today, the 25th of January is or was Community Manager Support Day. On every fourth day of January we try to look at our communities and those people who help support these or get involved in those communities out there.

There are many reasons to appreciate the efforts of a community managers, but Jeremiah Owyang says it all when he points at four mayor difficulties they have to face. Of these I think the “Seemingly never ending job” and the “Emotional drain” are the most essential. Please remember why you’ve hired these people to do this never ending job and if you think you’re only wasting revenue, rethink your community strategy so that community management will be of value to your organization. Community Managers enjoy your #cmad !