Find out Why: Monetization and trust in online innovative Dutch media outlets

Find out Why is an independent, not-for-profit organization, “Created to promote digital fluency through civic engagement and innovation with impact”. They interviewed me about the Dutch media landscape, in particular about online trust and how one can monetize journalism. Or course monetization is something that we’re working on at Reporters Online as well.

The interiew is part of their podcast series, but you can find a transcript on the Find out Why website as well.

Usually the most successful journalists manage to influence the audience because they have sort of a hook somewhere: humor, empathy, or they might even tease the audience a bit – just enough to drag them to their reporting and the real stories. Afterall, the big promise of the Internet is that the world becomes one and you can meet anyone from any place, about any topic. I do like online communities and I do think that those work under certain conditions.

Listen to the interview