Where I get my kicks

gyurka_farqmazoneSome time ago I wrote about my model for success in Social Networks, and that it was in fact already used in practice.

In my opinion, this model is very comprehensive, because it focuses on all the characteristics that require attention for creating a successful social network. After all, this model was designed to specifically suit a social media strategy.

Barry, the guy who used my model to analyze the open source business model of ZXZW, now renamed into Incubate asked me if I would be willing to answer some questions for an article on his website. And of course I was more than willing to do that. So I would say; read more about me than is in my “about section” in the article “Where does Gyurka Jansen get his kicks?” on his website (Money for nothing) Kicks for Free. (Update, 2013: Unfortunately, the original site is no longer online) Thank you Barry for interviewing me!

(And, by the way, thank you ‘Betsy’, for some nice pictures, of which I used  one here.)