You don’t want to miss… week 12

Here are five articles I’ve read in the past week, and why you should read them as well.

Shopping for FarmVille cards Where Online and offline connect; you can now buy pre-paid (gift) cards for the Zynga games, like FarmVille and MafiaWars. This is not only a nice example of how offline is still relevant; it also shows how big “social gaming” is and will become.

Engage consumers via Social media Social media is not the latest hype on the internet. Even though one can argue about how ‘new’ it really is, there is certainly something going on and it’s not just marketing babble. Consumers engaged via social media are more willing to buy if that’s not reason enough for your business to look into this…

The biggest cloud is for spam Think cloud computing is something fancy? Turns out the biggest cloud computing network are the botnets. These are the malicious networks owned by crackers consisting out of thousands of zombie PC’s that will send, for example, spam.

Silverlight is on 60% of connected devices This alone must be reason enough to give you some food for thought. Silverlight might look like the underdog, but it’s a big thing already!

Your business should be a network A short but important post, describing the advantages of embedding your business in a (social)network.